Whiteblock is a blockchain testing platform that helps development teams validate performance and deploy distributed ledger technologies faster.


Blockchain Testing-as-a-Service (BTaaS)

As we prepare for the commercial launch of our blockchain testing Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), Whiteblock is offering Blockchain Testing-as-a-Service (BTaaS) for select clientele. Using the same proprietary tooling, the BTaaS team can provision a test network on the Whiteblock platform to run a series of performance tests according to client specification. Sample tests include measuring transactional throughput, analyzing fault tolerance, and observing the performance impact a variety of scenarios could present to blockchain protocols and decentralized applications. Detailed reports and analysis are provided to outline test results and other findings.

Use Cases

System Architects

Prove the scalability of your blockchain for users and investors, accelerate your time to market.

DApp Developers

Benchmark blockchain protocols to validate your DApp performance with different networks and use cases.

Blockchain for Enterprise

Test protocols and smart contracts at scale. Validate quality and resilience of emerging blockchain solutions.

Blockchain Testing

Simulate a fully-functional test network in minutes that behaves and responds identically to a live production network. Emulate links between nodes to replicate ideal or suboptimal network conditions.

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Validate and troubleshoot the performance of decentralized applications, changes to infrastructure, protocols, and consensus algorithms prior to deployment.

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Quickly spin up a synchronous mesh network with thousands of configurable nodes that can interact, process transactions. and automate over 100,000 transactions per second in real-time.

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Observe the performance of blockchain systems and decentralized applications in a controlled environment. Identify performance issues, bugs, and errors before it’s too late.

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Nov 1, 2018
Whiteblock completes industry’s first EOS benchmark testing and blockchain investigation

Whiteblock, Inc. announced today that they have completed the first independent benchmark testing of the EOS Software.

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July 12, 2018
Whiteblock Performance Testing Validates Blockchain Scalability with Ubiq Technologies

Whiteblock Inc., the world's first blockchain testing company, today announced completion of a performance analysis report conducted for their latest client, Ubiq Technologies.

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May 03, 2018
Whiteblock Debuts with World's First Scalable Testing Service for Blockchain at EDCON Toronto

Whiteblock Inc. debuted today by announcing its blockchain testing-as-a-service (BTaaS), the world's first scalable test system for blockchain and enterprise DLT developers.

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