Image from Transactions with small amounts of ETH are sent to verify that the right address is used.

A little bit of motivation:

Some Useful Information:

Proposed solution:

User flow of the smart contract.
pragma solidity 0.4.25;/**
@title Ownable
@dev The Ownable contract has an owner address, and provides basic authorization control
 * functions, this simplifies the implementation of "user permissions".
contract Ownable {
// Certainly Correct Receiver Factory Contract
contract CCRFactory is Ownable {
    address _receiver;
    bool _receiveValidation;
event Deposit(address _sender, uint value);
    event Validate(address _receiver);
constructor() {
        _receiveValidation = false;
// only owner can set the address of the receiver
    function setReceiver(address receiver) public onlyOwner {
        _receiver = receiver;
    // receiver will confirm that they are the person that we want to interact with
    function confirm() public {
        // verify that the receiver is the correct person (address)
        require(msg.sender == _receiver);
        _receiveValidation = true;
    // sender will be able to see if the confirmation has come in from the receiver
    function getConfirmation() public onlyOwner returns(bool) {
        return _receiveValidation;
    // the sender will send the funds to the receiver after checks have been made
    function sendToReceiver() onlyOwner public {
        require(_receiveValidation == true);
// internal function to send the contract funds to the receiver address
    function release(address _receiver) internal returns(bool) {
        // transfer ETH to _receiver
// manual kill switch for owner to reclaim funds at any time
    function kill() public onlyOwner{
function() payable {
        if (msg.value > 0) {
            Deposit(msg.sender, msg.value);

In Conclusion

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