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Project Manager


About the role:

Whiteblock has built a large services organization that ranges from grant work, to industry-best benchmarks and analysis of existing distributed systems. The project manager will handle these engagements so that they are performed and delivered flawlessly. They will work directly with clients to ensure deliverables fall within the applicable scope and budget. Internally, the project manager will work with the services team as well as account managers to ensure that we’re promising the right deliveries under the correct scope.


  • Owns the coordination and completion of projects
  • Enforces existing budget for projects
  • Ensures that all projects are delivered on-time, within scope and budget
  • Helps define project scope and objectives
  • Contributes to the “yes or no” of potential engagements
  • Develops detailed project plans to monitor and track progress for client deliveries
  • Makes suggestions to product improvement based on service team feedback
  • Measures project performance using applicable KPI’s
  • Helps handle the relationship with clients to make sure they are satisfied
  • Collaborates with team leaders to delegate projects tasks to team members


  • Proven ability to develop and initiate strategies for revenue and client growth
  • Be able to handle multiple in-flight projects at the same time
  • PMP or equivalent certificate preferred but not required
  • 4 – 8 years of sales experience
  • Experience managing service related projects


Apply through email

Send an email to careers@whiteblock.io with your introduction and resume attached!

Whiteblock is building the distributed web. 

Whiteblock brings clarity to the blockchain ecosystem by making it fast and easy to validate decentralized solutions under real-world deployment conditions. Our team has created Genesis, the platform that lets you rapidly provision fully configured decentralized networks in minutes. It monitors each node in real-time, offering complete visibility into the behavior of distributed systems.

Check out our full list of job openings below.

Senior Software Engineer – Platform Engineering

As Senior Software Engineer (Product) at Whiteblock, you will participate in building the Genesis platform.

Project Manager

The project manager will oversee all aspects of client deliveries, from communication to actual work committed from Whiteblock employees. The project manager will also coordinate with other departments to ensure all aspects of deliveries are compatible. 

Product Manager

Whiteblock is looking for an experienced Technical Product Manager to own the definition of the Genesis platform’s core featureset.

Software Developer

As a Software Developer at Whiteblock, you will participate in delivering value to our customers in our service engagement. These engagements will require you to use the Genesis platform to evaluate products, and report the results of these evaluations. 

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