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Senior Software Engineer – Platform Engineering

As Senior Software Engineer (Product) at Whiteblock, you will participate in building the Genesis platform. You will architect new services to best test, analyze and visualize blockchain testing. You will implement high throughput, scalable data pipelines as well as SaaS features for users to integrate and leverage our best in breed technology, so our customers can receive insights instantly.

About the role:

As a professional services engineer at Whiteblock, you’ll work closely with our customers to evaluate blockchain technology with the Whiteblock testing platform, providing insights and recommendations based on your analysis.

You’ll have opportunities to:

  • Build enterprise-grade open-source blockchain products.
  • Engage with the developer community, including meetups and conferences, to nurture adoption and increase exposure to blockchain development.
  • Contribute toward and support the success of enterprise-grade solutions developed by Whiteblock and organizations we engage with.

Required skills and abilities:

  • Excellent interpersonal skills, both spoken and written English.
  • Ability to adapt and learn new technologies
  • Expert in a programming stack with at least 2 years experience working with Golang
  • Interest in working with remote teams

What we are looking for:

  • Experience delivering and supporting complex enterprise projects.
  • Experience supporting production environments.
  • Experience with Agile and continuous delivery methodologies.
  • Experience in the following areas:
    • Distributed systems
    • Performance analysis and optimization
    • Instrumentation, logging, and metrics
    • Networking
    • CryptographyDesigning and implementing service APIs
    • Designing and implementing libraries and programming APIs


Apply through email

Send an email to careers@whiteblock.io with your introduction and resume attached!

Whiteblock is building the distributed web. 

Whiteblock brings clarity to the blockchain ecosystem by making it fast and easy to validate decentralized solutions under real-world deployment conditions. Our team has created Genesis, the platform that lets you rapidly provision fully configured decentralized networks in minutes. It monitors each node in real-time, offering complete visibility into the behavior of distributed systems.

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Senior Software Engineer – Platform Engineering

As Senior Software Engineer (Product) at Whiteblock, you will participate in building the Genesis platform.

Project Manager

The project manager will oversee all aspects of client deliveries, from communication to actual work committed from Whiteblock employees. The project manager will also coordinate with other departments to ensure all aspects of deliveries are compatible. 

Product Manager

Whiteblock is looking for an experienced Technical Product Manager to own the definition of the Genesis platform’s core featureset.

Software Developer

As a Software Developer at Whiteblock, you will participate in delivering value to our customers in our service engagement. These engagements will require you to use the Genesis platform to evaluate products, and report the results of these evaluations. 

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