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Technical Product Manager – Core Product

Whiteblock Genesis is a testing platform that enables rapid end-to-end testing of full-scale distributed systems. We cut our teeth on blockchain and decentralized peer-to-peer software, and we’re quickly expanding into other domains. Whiteblock is looking for an experienced Technical Product Manager to own the definition of the Genesis platform’s core featureset. This person will help facilitate our product launch, and will eventually be in a position to coordinate between future members of the product team who will be focused on delivering customized versions of the core product to new domains.

Whiteblock is increasingly becoming a remote workplace, and this is a remote-friendly role.

Job Description:

  • Own the product definition for the core Genesis platform
  • Write technical specifications for customer-facing portions of the product
  • Design and monitor metrics collection to better understand how our users engage with our product, their underlying needs, and how well our product addresses those needs
  • Conduct regular user and market research to identify the needs of our user community and ensure that the product is meeting those needs
  • Maintain and groom the product-focused portions of the engineering backlog
  • Participate in sprint planning and review sessions to fulfill the Product Owner persona from a typical scrum team
  • Conduct User Acceptance Testing prior to release to ensure that delivered software meets acceptance criteria
  • Consult with Marketing to help educate potential users about our product



Bottom line up front: We want someone who can fulfill the responsibilities outlined above, and we’re excited to consider people from all walks of life for this role.

We recognize however that many people avoid applying for jobs based on a strict reading of the “Requirements” section found in traditional job posts, and we hate to think that we’d be missing out. To make things more clear we’ve organized this section into two parts. First, the things that we’re not willing to compromise on, and second, our best guess at the skills and experience that the most ideal candidate might bring to the table.


      • Excellent written and verbal English communication skills
      • Excellent time management and prioritization skills
      • Experience with customer-facing software requirements discovery

Desired skills and experience:

  • B.S. degree in Computer Science or other similar degree program, or alternatively at least four years of work experience in a role typically held by someone with this educational background
  • At least one year of professional Software Engineering experience
  • At least three years of Product Management experience, or five years of experience in an Engineering Management role
  • Experience designing and analyzing automated metrics collection for an active user base of a technology-focused SaaS product
  • Experience with testing of distributed systems as part of a software engineering team



Apply through email

Send an email to careers@whiteblock.io with your introduction and resume attached!

Whiteblock is building the distributed web. 

Our company specializes in all aspects of engineering high-performing distributed systems. Whiteblock provides the expertise and tooling needed to solve difficult problems within P2P distributed systems. From ideation and prototyping to testing and benchmarking, Whiteblock helps the builders of today create the systems of tomorrow.

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Project Manager

The project manager will oversee all aspects of client deliveries, from communication to actual work committed from Whiteblock employees. The project manager will also coordinate with other departments to ensure all aspects of deliveries are compatible. 

Technical Product Manager

Whiteblock is looking for an experienced Technical Product Manager to own the definition of the Genesis platform’s core featureset.

Projects and Accounts Manager

The P&A manager will work directly with clients to ensure deliverables fall within the applicable scope and budget. Internally, the project manager will work with the services team to ensure that we’re promising the right deliveries under the correct scope.

Software Engineer - Professional Services

Our software engineers work closely with the customers to evaluate blockchain technology with the Whiteblock testing platform, providing insights and recommendations based on your analysis.

Software Engineer - Platform

Our platform engineers architect new services to test, analyze and visualize blockchain testing, as well as implement high throughput, scalable data pipelines and SaaS features for the users.

Front-end Engineer

We're looking for a front-end developers with an eye for detail and a passion for advanced analytics and insights.

Software Engineer - DevOps

We're looking for an experienced Devops engineer to develop automation and orchestration of Devops tools, monitor the platform’s security and health.

QA Engineer - Part-time

Our Quality Assurance Engineer is responsible for implementing a strategy for quality coordination as well as running manual test series via command line to test new builds of the platform.

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