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Product Manager – Core Product

Whiteblock Genesis is a testing platform that enables rapid end-to-end testing of full-scale distributed systems. We cut our teeth on blockchain and decentralized peer-to-peer software, and we’re quickly expanding into other domains. Whiteblock is looking for an experienced Technical Product Manager to own the definition of the Genesis platform’s featureset.

Job Description:

  • Own the product definition for the Genesis platform
  • Write technical specifications for customer-facing portions of the product
  • Design and monitor KPIs for the product
  • Conduct regular user and market research to identify the needs of our user community and ensure that the product is meeting those needs
  • Prioritize feature release based on the current requirements of the market, and communicate the importance of these features to the product team
  • Own the product release timeline and delivery
  • Participate in sprint planning and review sessions to fulfill the Product Owner persona from a typical scrum team
  • Perform User Acceptance Testing prior to release to ensure that delivered software meets acceptance criteria



    • Excellent written and verbal English communication skills
    • Excellent time management and prioritization skills
    • Experience with customer-facing software requirements discovery
    • Experience designing and analyzing automated metrics collection for an active user base of a technology-focused SaaS product
    • Experience with testing of distributed systems as part of a software engineering team
    • B.S. degree in Computer Science or other similar degree program, or alternatively at least four years of work experience in a role typically held by someone with this educational background
    • At least one year of professional Software Engineering experience
    • At least three years of Product Management experience, or five years of experience in an Engineering Management role


Apply through email

Send an email to careers@whiteblock.io with your introduction and resume attached!

Whiteblock is building the distributed web. 

Whiteblock brings clarity to the blockchain ecosystem by making it fast and easy to validate decentralized solutions under real-world deployment conditions. Our team has created Genesis, the platform that lets you rapidly provision fully configured decentralized networks in minutes. It monitors each node in real-time, offering complete visibility into the behavior of distributed systems.

Check out our full list of job openings below.

Senior Software Engineer – Platform Engineering

As Senior Software Engineer (Product) at Whiteblock, you will participate in building the Genesis platform.

Project Manager

The project manager will oversee all aspects of client deliveries, from communication to actual work committed from Whiteblock employees. The project manager will also coordinate with other departments to ensure all aspects of deliveries are compatible. 

Product Manager

Whiteblock is looking for an experienced Technical Product Manager to own the definition of the Genesis platform’s core featureset.

Software Developer

As a Software Developer at Whiteblock, you will participate in delivering value to our customers in our service engagement. These engagements will require you to use the Genesis platform to evaluate products, and report the results of these evaluations. 

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