Testing Solutions For Distributed Systems

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Distributed Systems Testing Use Cases

First there was the client and the server. They got along well, until clients started over numbering servers in spades. How would it be possible to keep afloat, transactional and easy to adapt while responding to this huge demand? Distributed systems are the answer, and we created Whiteblock Genesis specifically to address the new class of challenges they introduce. Whiteblock Genesis is the testing platform that best addresses the unique challenges of testing distributed systems before and while they’re deployed in the wild.

Our platform covers most use cases leveraging the distributed nature of the Internet, including:
Data replication

Data replication to a secondary site is a standard IT procedure. With Whiteblock Genesis, you can accurately measure the needs of your systems to guarantee performance. We will assess the bandwidth requirements associated with your workloads.

Distributed Transactional Systems

Novel database approaches (Apache Cassandra, MongoDB, ElasticSearch) leverage gossiping, sharding and master-slave communication protocols to support higher read throughput. As a result, they see unique challenges associated with scaling their transaction count. With Whiteblock Genesis, you can perform deep analysis of the traffic patterns of the nodes. Our tooling allows sending data to one or all of the nodes to recreate real life situations. This will lead to significant optimizations of your business data organization, allowing your operations to scale and grow.

Event Processing

Most cloud systems perform under heavy load from ingesting events from various sources. Usually an event queue system such as Apache Kafka or RabbitMQ is employed to manage the flow of events going in. With Whiteblock Genesis, you can deploy your system in a controlled environment and test if your architecture can deal with an onslaught of data, processing it and rendering information in near real time.

Edge Processing

New business models, notably based on IoT, mandate moving computing closest to the consumer. These new models create challenges around connectivity, bandwidth and reaction speed. No one wants to wait 2 minutes for the lights to turn on! Whiteblock Genesis recreates real life scenarios by constraining bandwidth and inducing latency and packet loss, recreating the traffic of a device in the field receiving commands from a remote server or reporting a time series.

Distributed Systems Development

All the use cases above are best slated for integration into the development and certification of complex distributed systems. Don’t wait for launch day to find out if you can withstand traffic.

Cluster Upgrade Exercise

When deploying complex distributed systems, you will need to address properly upgrading clusters. You might be leveraging today’s best practices, such as performing canary deployment. However, this approach limits your capacity to make deep changes to the system, and leads to bloat over time.

With Whiteblock Genesis, you can safely test audacious upgrade strategies without sacrificing your production environment. Once you have created a data set representative of your production environment, you can apply abrupt changes to your infrastructure and watch their effect propagate, so you’ll know what to watch for on D day.

Failover Exercise

Businesses operate under strict regulations and certifications and require contingency planning. As a result, IT departments prepare hot spares and secondary sites, but rarely test end to end a failover as it is costly and potentially dangerous for the business.

Whiteblock Genesis lets you effortlessly recreate a failover scenario, simulate issues and update your contingency plan so you can be sure to renew your certification or license to operate.

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