Whiteblock Genesis Goes Live

We’re excited to share that our distributed systems testing and development platform is now live and free to use. With the help of the open source community, we’ve created a product that allows anyone to create a testnet and run a variety of preconfigured scenarios on Whiteblock Genesis including:

  • A Geth testnet
  • A Besu testnet
  • A Lighthouse testnet
  • A Prysm testnet
  • A Artemis testnet

Whiteblock’s vision for Web3 is one where distributed systems are practical, easy-to-use, and publicly available. By providing the revolutionary tools needed to advance the development of these systems, we hope to radically challenge legacy systems of today while also building a place for new ideas to come together. We’ve started by consolidating some of the communities ongoing tests in a central location for Genesis users to evaluate, learn from and even contribute. 


What you can do with Genesis today

Registered users can view community projects to familiarize themselves with the platform’s capabilities.

To do this, click on a community project and view the various types of tests they’ve been running. This will direct you to a dashboard where you can analyze valuable data along with the status of each test. Click on the “run” button to run that particular test and analyze results.

Geth tests:

Click on the test name to view the test definition.

Take a closer look at the contents of the YAML file to understand what parameters were set for the corresponding instance and learn more:

Additionally, we’ve provided an option for advanced users to upload their own YAML file. To do this, please contact us and we will provide further assistance while we roll out the feature for self service. Giving back to the open source community is important to us. Whiteblock Genesis comes equipped with tutorials and other instructional resources to help anyone get started. Simply sign up and start building your community on Genesis today.

Register at Whiteblock Genesis to get started for free.



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