Whiteblock and MythX have partnered to help blockchain developers sleep at night.

MythX is dedicated to providing security analysis services for Ethereum smart contracts to ensure development teams avoid costly errors. Whiteblock Genesis offers an end-to-end testing and development platform for blockchain developers. With the new MythX and Genesis integration, developers can improve the depth of testing and preemptively detect smart contract issues. In addition, Genesis users can now easily run all MythX scans from within the Genesis CLI.

MythX offers two options for smart contract scans:

  • MythX quick scans as a pre-check and optionally block on high-severity issues
  • MythX deep scans (~30 to 45 minutes) in parallel to Genesis tests

Once a MythX quick scan has been completed, the vulnerability report will be available in the CI job’s context.  For deeper analysis, once a MythX deep scan has been completed, the vulnerability report will be available on the MythX dashboard. 

Peace of mind when you deploy

Long-running MythX deep scans can give the user additional confidence before a release and deployment, and should be run selectively depending on the security requirements.

If MythX finds a high-severity vulnerability such as a Reentrancy attack or a critical Integer Overflow, the developer will need to fix it right away and Genesis tests will not run. Before a release, this should be considered a blocker and the CI/CD job should fail.

The Purpose

Whiteblock CTO Nathaniel Blakely notes,

“The integration of MythX into Genesis provides a powerful smart contract safety check directly into the Genesis user experience.”

This integration benefits blockchain developers, allowing them to perform more expansive, deterministic tests in a shorter amount of time. Combining a MythX deep scan with a Genesis  scan reduces the risk of deployment and makes this common task faster and easier than ever before. Additionally, it will save cloud resources by blocking Genesis test runs on preemptive issue checks.

Quotes from the partners

Whiteblock CEO Zak Cole states,

“The integration of MythX within the Whiteblock Genesis platform will allow users to rapidly test and iterate smart contract logic in a controlled and deterministic environment. This reduces the risk of costly deployments and helps projects identify issues before going live. It’s exactly what the DeFi space needs.”

MythX Security Engineer Dominik Muhs states,

“Together, MythX and the Whiteblock Genesis platform address a broad spectrum of security issues. Whether it’s a small side project or a complex system with high security standards, whether it’s in preparation for a security audit, or right before deployment – the combined power of both platforms will give users confidence in their code.”

Our shared goal is for all developers to Deploy with Confidence.

You can find more detailed information about the integration in the Genesis documentation and the MythX documentation

About MythX

MythX, a ConsenSys Diligence product, scans for security vulnerabilities in Ethereum smart contracts. Its comprehensive range of analysis techniques which include static analysis, dynamic analysis, and symbolic execution, accurately detects security vulnerabilities and provides an in-depth analysis report. With a vibrant ecosystem of world-class integration partners that amplify developer productivity, MythX can be utilized in all phases of the smart contract development lifecycle. For more information, visit mythx.io

About Whiteblock Genesis

Whiteblock Genesis is the world’s first end-to-end testing and development platform for blockchain and enterprise DLT developers. Genesis SaaS platform provisions virtual networks of nodes that allow users to develop in a controlled environment that replicates their production network or test and experiment under a variety of real-world scenarios. Whiteblock Genesis allows users to quickly develop and test performance and security over a variety of networks. Developers can automate transactions, test fault tolerance, and quickly provision a private TestNet that simulates the real-world conditions of a live and dynamic global blockchain network. Members who desire full discretion over the architecture and compute power of their testing networks can learn more about the features, and start running their own TestNets today in Whiteblock Genesis by visiting whiteblock.io/genesis.

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