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About Our Services

In 2019, Whiteblock built Genesis, the industry’s first agnostic blockchain development and testing platform created specifically to test blockchain protocols and applications. Genesis is a powerful tool with limitless testing capabilities. We understand that powerful tools can take time and resources to implement and use, so we created Whiteblock Services to solve this issue.

Whiteblock Services is your friendly, dedicated team to help develop, model and run tests on your behalf.

We provide a fully customizable suite of services around performance and security tests for your distributed system, blockchain, protocol or dapp.

No testing need is to too big or too complex.

Whiteblock Services provides testing solutions through your entire development lifecycle. Whiteblock expedites the development process and helps users ensure optimal performance.

Whiteblock Services Case Studies

Test Your Blockchain with Our Easy 4 Step Process

1) Free Consultation

2) Technical Discovery

3) Testing & Analysis

4) Reporting & Results

Distributed systems pioneers love Whiteblock Genesis because it saves time, money, & headaches

“We needed a team that could spin up a full-blown network simulation and tweak its parameters to measure the effect of our proposed change. So we approached Whiteblock, a natural leader in the area of Ethereum network simulations.”

Eli Ben-Sasson

Co-Founder, Starkware

“We’re really happy with the test results. We now know our scalability changes will work in practice and not just in theory. These results are going to shape our future development efforts and make it easier to demonstrate these changes to the community”

Alex Sterk

CEO, Ubiq Technologies

“We needed help building critical components of our plasma chain. Whiteblock engineers didn’t need much ramp-up time: we gave a spec and they executed at top speed and efficiency.”

Jinglan Wang

Executive Director, Plasma Group

Organizations are already benefiting from Whiteblock Genesis

Partners & Clients

Partners & Clients

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