Whiteblock Genesis, the world’s first and only development platform for the Web3 space, just got even better. The team at Whiteblock is pleased to announce a new partnership and platform integration with Splunk. 

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Splunk, based out of San Francisco, CA, is an industry leader in leveraging machine learning to bring large volume data analytics to their users, all as part of their mission to be the premier “Data-to-Everything Platform.” Splunk and Whiteblock teaming up seems is a long overdue match made in heaven, as both organizations share the common goals of enabling teams to do their best work, find the answers they need, and achieve their best possible business outcomes. The Splunk platform provides its users real time data insights to carry the widest reaching impacts across whole organizations, and Splunk’s newest product offering, Splunk Connect for Ethereum, also known as ethlogger, is set to help Whiteblock bring that shared vision to the Web3 space.

Splunk Connect for Ethereum’s ethlogger Command Line Interface (CLI) is able to start and configure blockchain node and output connections, and more granular control options are managed with CLI flags, environment variables, and ethlogger’s configuration file. The ethlogger configuration is managed with a simple, human and machine readable YAML file, similar to Whiteblock’s own Genesis platform.

Whiteblock is integrating Splunk into the Genesis platform to deliver our users access to their Splunk data from directly within their Genesis projects. This allows users to test assumptions about their data in real time using Whiteblock Genesis. With this new integration, users are enabled to spin up a testnet in Genesis and dive even deeper into their Splunk data insights. Not only will Genesis users soon have access to their Splunk data in Genesis, but we’re working to position Splunk as the preferred data analytics platform for getting your logs in Genesis. Our team here at Whiteblock strongly encourages Genesis users to activate and utilize their own Splunk instance. This allows the experience and results to speak for themselves. 

Splunk and Whiteblock’s platforms will soon work together hand in hand to create a powerful tool for the development and testing of Web3 technologies. Be on the lookout for this integration to go live in the Spring, and read about Whiteblock and Splunk at Ethereum Denver.

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