Testing Solutions For Blockchain

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Blockchain Testing Use Cases

The emergence of blockchain technologies offers developers a number of unique features as well as a new set of challenges. Once transactions in the ledger are recorded and added to the chain, they cannot be altered, making proper testing critical to a network’s success. Through our involvement in the blockchain space, we noticed blockchain engineers were hindered by a significant lack of tooling. The Whiteblock Genesis platform is the premier solution for efficiently testing and evaluating blockchain networks.

Get Results Quickly

Deploy a single-use testnet to run integration tests against your client. Test with traffic and identify your client’s capabilities faster than standing up a traditionally managed testnet. Quickly expose faults in the interaction between internal components.

Adaptive Testing

Deploy a flexible testnet that can be tweaked between sessions simply just by changing a few CLI flags. New client versions can be issued and seamlessly slid into your testnet upgrade workflow. Identify possible improvements when simulating a hard fork or other network impairments. Ensure fork transitions happen smoothly and chain tips consolidate within a reasonable timeframe.


Deploy a testnet and use it as your developer workbench. Each commit triggers a build and upgrade all your clients at once with a new state, allowing you to debug and iterate quickly. Worry less about provisioning nodes and more on pinpointing bottlenecks in your process.

Stress Testing

Deploy a testnet once a week and perform hard computations against it, so you can sense if your changes impact performance. Quickly determine if your changes impact network performance. Validate assumptions easily through straightforward data logs – feed this data back into your workflow and tweak designs accordingly.


Deploy your testnet with an open port, so you can make it available for others to interface with and deploy apps on it, and test it for you. Start building a network of stakeholders by getting them to invest in a project ecosystem. Get feedback from application developers early and often on what’s not working for them.


Deploy your testnet with other clients, so you can test interoperability. Multiple client implementations means an antifragile protocol that will be stronger in the long run. Test for cross-client consensus issues.

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