Whiteblock offers distributed systems testing software and services related to our deep experience in the field.  Our primary product is Whiteblock Genesis, the only fully automated platform for testing high-performing blockchain, IoT, and distributed systems in real-world scenarios. This makes for more reliable development processes, and results in systems that have been proven before live deployments.

Runtime Verification Inc. (RV) is a technology company headquartered in Urbana, Illinois. The company employs a novel software analysis approach to analyze computer programs as they execute, thereby identifying bugs, errors, holes, and possible exploits. Runtime Verification is the primary developer of the K-Framework (http://kframework.org). The K Framework facilitates the definition of domain-specific or general-purpose programming languages, and the subsequent automatic generation of tools for formally analyzing programs in those languages.

Our partnership will focus on mutual support between both companies. Both teams are highly regarded in their respective verticals; we look forward to expanding that foundation together.

Zak Cole, CEO at Whiteblock

“Runtime Verification is one of the most trusted companies in the space when it comes to tools and services related to formal verification. Our team looks forward to learning from their methods, in what I’m sure will be the beginning of a long-term relationship.”

Patrick Mackay, Chief Operating Officer at Runtime Verification

We have long admired the incredible work the entire Whiteblock team does each and every day to make the Ethereum testing and development ecosystem more robust and secure. They are tireless advocates and proponents of good testing and development practices and the entire community is infinitely better for their leadership. With that in mind, Runtime Verification is pleased to announce a partnership with Whiteblock that will see both companies work together to provide the best testing and verification services to the market.”

What to expect next

Learn more about the services that Runtime Verification supports on their website.

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